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We are looking for someone who is without a doubt “Amazing”!

Amazing to us is someone who does the right thing even if no one sees them doing it, someone with integrity and good intentions. We believe that enthusiastic people are successful people as they have passion for life and are able to motivate themselves and the people around them.

We will expect someone with passion for Hospitality, who absolutely loves serving people!

“Are you amazing, Enthusiastic and would like to work at the BEST HOTEL in Pretoria?” If you are then this Career opportunity is definitely for you.

Position: General cleaner

Basic Functions: Performs routine duties in the cleaning and servicing of public areas, Kitchen and Rooms under close supervision of the Assistant Housekeeper and Executive Housekeeper. A General Cleaner is a all rounder that will be trained in all sub - departments of Housekeeping, you need to be flexible and need to be able to work shifts. As we will fill you in any sub Department that needs assistance.

Relationship: Reports directly to the Assistant Housekeeper and Supervisor

Public Area Cleaner:

Lobby and Lounge Areas

  • Clean and maintain all lobbies and public restrooms
  • Sweeps and mops carpets, lobby entrances
  • Polish furniture and fixtures
  • Keep the front of the hotel free from trash
  • Keep the back and front desk neat and clean
  • Keeps all public areas neat , vacuumed and dusted
  • Make sure floors elevators and doors are clean and mark free
  • Remove spots and scuffs from walls.
  • Remove all trash from areas.
  • Periodically checks all lobby restrooms wash rooms
  • Restock all supplies including toilet paper, soap and hand towels in the lobby wash rooms
  • Makes sure that all surfaces are clean and tidy
  • Clean all flower arrangements
  • Take care of all cleaning equipment used in lobby
  • Cleaning glass and window areas
  • Straightening furniture
  • Dusting high or hard to reach areas – Air-conditions
  • Cleaning carpets
  • Vacuum upholstery furniture
  • Polish furniture and dust tables and fixtures
  • Clean light fixtures as per frequency schedule

Gym Area

  • Spot cleaning walls
  • Wiping windowsills
  • Dusting and polishing furniture
  • Cleaning upholstery
  • Attending to light fixtures

Kitchen , Glass Washers & Night Cleaners


  1. Clock in and working hours are 06:00 to 14:00 or 14:00 to 22:00 Make sure all your cleaning equipment is in working condition and report any damages
  2. Floors, tables and tops in kitchen must be cleaned regularly.
  3. All Dishes and Pots need to be washed and none too stay over for next shift.
  4. All surfaces needs to stay clean and dry.
  5. All Dishes and pots to be neatly packed before leaving each shift.
  6. Make sure your cloths and cleaning material are cleaned and ready for the next shift to take over from.

For Glass Washers:


  1. Shifts 06:30 - 15:00 or 11:00 till 22:00 or 15:00 till 23:00
  2. Remove all dirty glasses used by late shift.
  3. Bar must be cleaned, shelves, bottles removed and wiped thoroughly dry.
  4. Make sure that your working area is cleaned at all times and glasses, ice-buckets and shelves cleaned.
  5. Clean the Cellar at all times.
  6. When leaving your working area, always let the Barman know you’re where-about. Communicate with the Barman at all times.
  7. Help pack the stock with the Barman and make sure all fridges are clean before stocked.
  8. Help to organize small change with the Barman.
  9. Do not be involved with the Restaurant except when you are asked by the Manager on duty.
  10. Try to learn as quickly as possible to work as Bar ladies. Ask the Barman to teach you how to use the till when it’s quiet, and learn about different types of spirits and other items within the bar so that you can be useful when you are required to perform Bar duties sometimes.
  11. Any problems try to sort out with the Barman, if not sorted out inform the Duty Manager immediately.
  12. Try to cover all areas of concern within your normal regulation time as roster.

For Canteen  

  1. Early shift - 07:00 to 16:00
  2. Late Shift - 14:00 to 22:00
  3. Prepare the canteen for meal times & assist the Chef's.
  4. Clean the canteen, after every meal.
  5. Deep clean tables and chairs daily.
  6. Wipe the walls daily.

For Night Shift - Kitchen Staff:

  1. Floors in kitchen must be scrubbed with “fats-off” .
  2. Oil must be drained with oil filters from deep fryer.
  3. All stoves must be cleaned inside and outside
  4. Staff hand basin to be cleaned..
  5. Staff food section to be cleaned.
  6. Microwave to be cleaned.
  7. Ice cream fridges in restaurant to be cleaned.
  8. Floor in buffet area to be scrubbed with “fats-off”.
  9. Buffet Bain marines to be cleaned inside and out.
  10. Buffet grills and grill plates to be cleaned on top and sides.
  11. Electric shaving dishes to be cleaned inside and outside.
  12. Kitchen grills and plates to be cleaned on top and sides.
  13. Kitchen filters to be cleaned.
  14. Kitchen walls to be washed 1 A WEEK.

For Night Shift - Public Area and Restaurant staff.

  1. Restaurant filters to be cleaned.
  2. Restaurant stores to be cleaned.
  3. Restaurant floors to be moped.
  4. Restaurant carpets to be vacuum.
  5. Restaurant mirrors to be cleaned.
  6. Restaurant / bar windows to be cleaned.
  7. Restaurant / bar skirting to be cleaned.
  8. Clean all filters on buffet.
  9. Clean all soup pots on buffet.
  10. Lounge floors to be moped. .
  11. Bathroom pictures & skirting to be cleaned all the floors.
  12. Bathroom floors to be moped all the floors.
  13. Bathrooms need to be clean at all times, toilet seats.
  14. Bathrooms need to be clean at all times, basins.
  15. Bathroom walls need to be washed when dirty.
  16. Bathroom doors need to be washed when dirty.
  17. Back of house, all stairs need to be mopped.
  18. Back of house, all stairs walls need to be washed 1 A WEEK.
  19. Reception stoop need to be washed.
  20. Reception stoop sign need to be washed 1 A WEEK.
  21. Cleaning of all public stair cases.
  22. Cleaning of all public passages.
  23. Deep clean all toilets EVERY NIGHT.
  24. Deep clean all lifts, guest and staff.
  25. Cleaning of all public stair cases & passages.
  26. Deep clean all toilets.
  27. Deep clean all lifts, guest and staff.
  28. Clean staff changing rooms, walls& Floors.
  29. Clean staff bathrooms, showers.

Room Attendants:

Beginning of shift:

  1. Clock in
  2. Check quality of uniform and shoes and place name badge
  3. Report to Supervisor
  4. Use your room assignment sheet and plan your day
  5. Get Guest amenities for assigned rooms
  6. Get Cleaning Supplies for assigned rooms
  7. Keep your work and trolley area organized.

During your shift:

  1. Enter the room
  2. Begin cleaning. Tidy and air out the room
  3. Strip bed
  4. Clean Bathroom
  5. Make the bed
  6. Dust the guestroom
  7. Vacuum
  8. Make a final check
  9. Close the door and make sure it is locked
  10. Note or report room status and proceed to the next room.

End of shift:

  1. Clean vacuum cleaner
  2. Clean and arrange the Housekeeping closet as needed
  3. Take supplies back to housekeeping
  4. Find out if your supervisor have any other task for you to complete
  5. Sign in your housekeeping key you have collected


Duties and Responsibilities:

Beginning of your shift:

  1. Clock in
  2. Check quality of uniform and shoes and place name badge
  3. Report to Supervisor
  4. Use your assignment sheet and plan your day
  5. Get Cleaning Supplies for assigned rooms
  6. Keep your work area organized.

During your shift:

  1. Clean hallways doors and furniture
  2. Clean and maintain the ironing room facilities
  3. Clean assigned rooms walls
  4. Clean assigned room mirrors
  5. Clean assigned rooms air vents
  6. Clean assigned rooms shower heads and faucets
  7. Clean assigned rooms windows, tracks and sills
  8. As per request move fridges
  9. Clean and replace the shower curtain and liner

Weekly/ on demand:

  1. Clean hallway signage
  2. Turn Mattress and check for stains as per frequency schedule
  3. De- scale cups as per frequency schedule
  4. Clean hallway windows and curtains
  5. De-scale kettles
  6. Deep clean bins
  7. Place a crib in the room

3 de quarterly

  1. Clean carpets/ or as per demand


  • Make sure your application is completed in full and that you’re CV has been uploaded in order for us to consider you application.
  • Please note: Should you not receive a response within a two week period, your application has unfortunately not been successful.  We will however keep your resume on record for future reference.





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